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How important are Pop-Up Blockers?


Before venturing into the importance of Pop-up blockers, first, let’s focus on,

What are pop-up ads?

It is a form of online advertising that is mostly focused on attracting web traffic. With the help of Adobe Flash or JavaScript, pop-ups are generated within a new browser window.

Well, now let’s move on to Pop-Up blockers. Often, these pop-up blockers are known as pop-up killers. With the help of this program, you can prevent pop-ups from getting displayed in the web browser of a user.

Pop-up blockers work in multiple ways. Some of the ways are defined here,
  • Certain pop-up blockers will immediately close the window even before it will appear.
  • Another form of pop-up blockers will disable the command which helps in calling the pop-up.
  • Also, there are certain pop-up blockers that will make changes in the source HTML of the window.

Pop-Up blockers are very useful because they prevent unwanted ads from popping up in your window. However, one major problem of pop-up blockers is that they often fail to understand which pop-up blockers are unnecessary and which pop-blockers are requested by users. This is the reason why some users often tend to disable the pop-up blockers option in their Kaspersky software.

Yes, that’s right. For seeing pop-up ads, you do not have to uninstall your entire antivirus software. You can go to the setting and disable the Pop-up blockers. But keep one thing in mind, disabling the pop-up blockers is not always right. Through pop-ups, various types of antiviruses, malware, Trojan etc. can enter your system.
Therefore, if you want to disable or able your pop-up blocker, first be very sure. No matter which option you opt for, Kaspersky HelpLine is here to help you to perform this task. So, if you need any kind of help, give us a call at our toll-free number +1-888-852-5666.


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