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Have you ever researched regarding internet security and viruses? If so, then you must have encountered with the term “Malware” quite a few numbers of times. However,

Do you know what Malware exactly is?

Malware is nothing but software specifically designed to harm another computer client, server, or network. Cyber-criminals will purposefully implant this software into the targeted system. Once they gain unauthorized access to your system, they can cause any sort of disruption.
Let’s dig deeper into the types of effects caused by Malware,

Malware Effects –

Some of the most common types of effects when your system is infected malware are as following –

  • Your computer will become very much unstable
  • Also, your system might crash, slow down, reboot automatically without any prior warning
  • Another thing is, the speed of your internet connection will tremendously slow down since the malware will try to look for other computers to infect online
  • A major issue is malware will be able to record all the activities that you perform on your system and then send it to a hacker. The hacker might use such record to access your personal or business information.

Therefore, if you encounter such problems, your system might be affected by malware.

However, to avoid all these it is always wise to take precautionary measures.

Here are some of the prevention methods of Malware –
  • The best practice is to completely avoid any type of websites that deal with illegal content hosting
  • Use any free software that has at least one positive review from a trustable third-party authority
  • And lastly, it is VERY IMPORTANT to use antivirus software in your system
What to do when your system is infected with malware?

Well, like mentioned earlier, the best way to deal with malware is to utilize good antivirus software like that of Kaspersky.

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