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Secure Yourself from Trojan Attacks with Kaspersky HelpLine’s Aid

One very popular type of malicious malware is Trojan or Trojan Horse. This is one such malware which is termed as legitimate software. Various types of hackers or cyber thieves make use of this malware to access your system. If your system is affected with Trojan, it will enable cyber-criminals to spy on you, backdoor access to your system and also steal sensitive data from you.

Wondering how these attackers trick and thus affect your system with Trojan? Well, the common tactics that they apply are utilizing some sort of social engineering forms. Through the help of this social engineering form, they will load and execute Trojan to your system.

What Trojan attackers do after getting access to your system are –
  • Delete all your data, which might even be sensitive.
  • They can also block your data.
  • Trojan attackers often play the risk of modifying the data that is stored in your system.
  • They even participate in copying data from you.
  • If your system is affected with Trojan, it can also hamper the performance of your computer network and computer.
  • Remember one thing, Trojan, unlike all other worms and virus, is not able to self-replicate.
    Also, another important thing that you must know about Trojan is, it has several forms.

    Types of Trojan and how they can affect your system –
  • Backdoor Trojan – With the help of this backdoor Trojan, hackers and cyber-criminals will get remote access to the system.
  • Exploits – These are certain programs which are used for storing code or data. With the help of these programs, hackers will be able to take advantage of the application software’s vulnerability.
  • Trojan-Banker – For stealing account data that are used for online banking, credit and debit cards and e-payment systems etc. are done with the help of Trojan-banker.
  • Rootkit – With the help of Rootkit, Trojan attackers will be able to get hold of various activities or objects present in your system. They will not let malicious software or programs from being detected in your system.
  • Trojan- DDoS – With the help of Trojan – DDoS, the targeted web address will encounter with a denial of service.
  • Apart from all these types of Trojan, there are several other kinds of Trojan as well. Like – Trojan-Downloader, Trojan-Dropper, Trojan-FakeAV, Trojan-GameThief, Trojan- IM, Trojan-Ransom, Trojan- SMS, Trojan-Mailfinder, Trojan-Spy, and Trojan- ArcBomb, Trojan-Clicker, Trojan-Notifier, Trojan-Proxy, and Trojan-PSW etc.

    Therefore, with all these Trojans your system is not at all safe, So, the question remains,

    How to prevent from Trojan attacks?

    The first and foremost step that you can take is by installing Kaspersky, which is leading anti-malware software. It will make sure to defend your system from all kinds of malware attacks. Kaspersky software will help your Windows PCs, Linux system, tablets, smartphones, and Apple Macs from getting affected from Trojan.

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